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The Heart of Light: a tale of Solomon Star

The Heart of Light: A Tale of Solomon Star

by Charlie W. Starr

Solomon Star, one time personal bodyguard of the Galactic Empress, journeys through the primordial jungle of a distant planet. He is guided by a mysterious native woman whom he knows only as “the Savage” to find a man who holds the fate of a planet in his hands – his father. Moving toward an encounter with the Heart of Light, Solomon journeys backwards into the darkness of his past, a killing dark that follows him even now in the form of a twice-living madman: Lazarus – the puppet instrument of Janis IV, ruler of the galaxy, who could neither govern nor love the one man closest to her heart.

  “If you loved C. S. Lewis’ science fiction trilogy, you will want to read this book!” Andrea Stamper–Five stars on




Encountering Otherworlds and Coming of Age: A Collection of Fantasy and Fairy Tales

edited by Stephen Parish, Rachel Burkholder, and Melissa Rogers

This collection of tales, written by the staff of Lantern Hollow Press, recounts the adventures of young heroes and heroines and the most important lesson they learn from their encounters in the Otherworld: the inevitability of growing up.

Inklings of Reality 2nd Edition

Inklings of Reality

by Donald T. Williams

In Inklings of Reality, poet and theologian Donald T. Williams revisits some of the most interesting and constructive moments in the history of Christian reflection on these issues to help us recover the outlines of a rich and dynamic philosophy of reading.

Stars Through the Clouds

Stars Through the Clouds

by Donald T. Williams

Stars Through the Clouds is a revival of the lost art of traditional poetry–glimpses of beauty, goodness, and even truth, couched in what today will seem the radical innovations of meter and rhyme!


Tales of Taliessin

Tales of Taliessin

by Donald T. Williams

What really happened to the Holy Graal? For the true story, see Donald T. Williams’ Arthurian cycle, Tales of Taliessin. Michael Bauman says it has the profundity of Charles Williams’ telling of the Arthur story without its obscurity.Tales is Book III of Stars Through the Clouds: the Collected Poetry of Donald T. Williams. As a bonus, other mythopoeic poems from Stars are appended.

Reflections-Front Cover-2013-4-29

Reflections from Plato’s Cave:  Essays in Evangelical Philosophy

by Donald T. Williams

A collection of essays on Truth, beauty, C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and a myriad of other topics from the perspective of a first-rate evangelical thinker.