Wordsworth wrote an endless poem in blank verse on” the growth of a poet’s mind.”  I shall attempt a more modest feat for a more distracted age: a blog, “Things which a Lifetime of Trying to Be a Poet has Taught Me.”


The rain comes driving, slanting through the mist.

The trees and sky, a blur of grey and green:

Impressionistic brush-strokes on the screen

By a Chinese artisan with dancing wrist.

And there, beneath a sheltering tree, the tryst.

Oblivious to the weather, they are keen

On what from words and glances one may glean:

She lifts her face up to her knight, is kissed.


The raindrop and the teardrop on the cheek

Are mingled, flowing in the self-same track.

And are they tears of joy?  The sky is bleak.

It seems their kiss has sealed a solemn pact:

He lifts her to his steed; away they streak;

They fade into the mist, do not look back.

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