Wordsworth wrote an endless poem in blank verse on” the growth of a poet’s mind.”  I shall attempt a more modest feat for a more distracted age: a blog, “Things which a Lifetime of Trying to Be a Poet has Taught Me.”

If you have never been betrayed—stabbed in the back, coldly and deliberately, by someone you thought was a friend, someone you were sure you could trust—you have missed a most instructive experience.  But don’t worry.  If you live long enough, it is coming.  The blessed benefit I got from this most painful of lessons was a deeper identification with Christ in His sufferings.  “Oh,” I gasped.  “Now I understand.  You did that for me!”

“Judas . . . with a kiss?”


Did their eyes meet before he turned away?

Although the Lord had prophesied the gist,

He seemed affected by that final twist.

So much a simple gesture could convey:

A friendship you would think could last the day

Evaporating like the morning mist.

And he was not the first to be so kissed;

The question echoes still, “Et tu, Brute?

So much a simple gesture can convey.


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Donald T. Williams, PhD



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