I’ve been asked to put together a brochure that would briefly explain who I am and what I have to offer as a speaker as well as a writer.  A couple of weeks ago I blogged here about the three great movements of God I see as desperately needed today: Renaissance, Reformation, and Revival.  That was as good a summary of what I am about as anything I could offer.  So, based on it, here is some material for that brochure:


Renaissance:  The restoration of the life of the mind;

Reformation:  The restoration of sound doctrine;

Revival:  The restoration of vital Christian spirituality.

Donald T. Williams, PhD

Pastor, Professor, Writer, Speaker, Apologist

At the Areopagus Forum, Atlanta, 2014

Renaissance—a restoration of the life of the mind; Reformation—a restoration of sound doctrine; Revival—a restoration of vital Christian spirituality.  These are the three great movements of God we desperately need in our generation.  And our great mistake is to believe that you can have the last one without the first two.”  —  Donald T. Williams

The "Trinity Knot": Three in One
The “Trinity Knot”: Three in One

Donald T. Williams, PhD, is one of the foremost apologists and Christian thinkers you may not have heard of.  What makes him unique?  He is a border dweller, camped out on the border between fields of theology and literature, the border between pastoral ministry and serious scholarship, and the border between this world, Narnia, and Middle Earth.

Donald Williams
At the International Society of Christian Apologetics, Charlotte, NC, April, 2015

Pastor, professor, and poet, theologian, apologist, and cultural critic, Williams is R. A. Forrest Scholar at Toccoa Falls College in the hills of NE Georgia.  He also serves as Scholar in Residence for Summit Ministries and has served as a pastoral trainer for rural pastors in places like Uganda, Kenya, and India for Church Planting International. He is the president of the International Society of Christian Apologetics.  Williams is the author of nine books, including Mere Humanity: G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, and Jr. R. R. Tolkien on the Human Condition (Nashville: Broadman, 2006), Inklings of Reality: Essays Toward a Christian Philosophy of Letters (Lynchburg: Lantern Hollow Press, 2012), Stars Through the Clouds: The Collected Poetry of Donald T. Williams (Lynchburg: Lantern Hollow Press, 2011), and Reflections From Plato’s Cave: Essays in Evangelical Philosophy (Lynchburg: Lantern Hollow Press, 2012).  His articles appear frequently in popular magazines such as Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity and Christian Research Journal as well as various scholarly journals.  He is also one of the featured “talking heads” in the popular recent apologetics video “Mining for God” (www.miningforgod.com).

Very definitely one thing and not another!

Williams speaks frequently for churches, colleges, Christian schools, home school groups, campus ministries, and other ministries.  Popular topics include “The Theology of Tolkien’s Middle Earth,” “Why We Lost the Culture War, and How to Make a Comeback,” “Worldviews in Literature,” “The Problem of Evil,” “True Truth: Why We Need to Remember Francis Schaeffer,” and “The Validity of Lewis’s ‘Trilemma.’”  His preaching is expository, in the tradition of men like D. Marty Lloyd-Jones.

Preaching at Christ's Coworkers Church in rural Kenya
Speaking at Christ’s Coworkers Church in rural Kenya


*To book Dr. Williams for your church, school, or group, contact him at dtw@tfc.edu.*

3R Ministries

Renaissance; Reformation; Revival!  

Donald T. Williams, PhD

381 Talmadge Drive

Toccoa, Ga. 30577




Sola Scriptura;  Sola Gratia;  Sola Fide; 

Solus Christus;  Soli Deo Gloria!

 Order Dr. Williams’s books at https://lanternhollow.wordpress.com/store/.

If you are interested in the case for God or more on the Christian world view, check out Dr. Williams' book REFLECTIONS FROM PLATO'S CAVE in the Lantern Hollow E-store.
If you are interested in the case for God or more on the Christian world view, check out Dr. Williams’ book REFLECTIONS FROM PLATO’S CAVE in the Lantern Hollow E-store.

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