How many times have I read an Atheist online making the statement, as if it were a simple and unassailable fact, “There’s just no evidence for the existence of God”?

Highly illogical!
Highly illogical!

How embarrassing! This claim is either a confession that you are too ignorant to be debating the subject or it is an unintentional admission of dishonesty. You can say that you don’t find the evidence sufficient, you can say that you don’t find it convincing, you can say that there is counter-evidence you find more compelling, and we can profitably discuss those claims. If you say there is no evidence, you have just signaled your unwillingness to have an honest debate.

The heavens declare the glory of God . . .

There is evidence: the contingency, intelligent design, and fine-tuning of the universe; the persistence of a moral law that refuses to be reduced to convention or utilitarianism; the historical evidence for the resurrection of Christ; the changed lives of believers. All these things can be disputed, but they are out there. To ignore them and pretend they don’t exist is either willful ignorance or dishonesty. What else can you call it?

Not all Atheists are like this, but an appalling number are, judging by what they post on FaceBook and various websites.  Call the dishonest Atheists out on this every time! Do not let them get away with it.

Reflections-Front Cover-2013-6-4

Donald T. Williams is president of the International Society of Christian Apologetics.  For more of his apologetic work, go to and order Reflections from Plato’s Cave: essays in pursuit of goodness, truth, and beauty!


2 thoughts on “NO EVIDENCE???

  1. Or, that it is they who have no evidence on their side and can never have evidence on their side. Besides, in a universe which hasn’t existed forever and which didn’t create itself – from every last bit of empirical and theoretical evidence we have – atheism is worse than illogical, it’s a refusal to follow evidence where it leads.

    Sometimes atheism is a confusion of proving the existence of false religion (extremely easy to do) with proving the non-existence of God. The *absence of God for much of the world and its people? Sure, I can concede that – the Bible says as much. But it also says “verily Thou art a God who hidest Himself”. That revealed fact doesn’t prove His non-existence – after all, He’s kind enough to tell His own about that general state of affairs, isn’t He?

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