Last week we began to look at the rationale for why “While We’re Paused” and the other features of Lantern Hollow Press exist.  It begins with the vision statement:

cropped-2011autumn3-withborder.jpg“The purpose of Lantern Hollow Press is to foster a renaissance of Christian culture through the publication of quality creative writing and art, and of work in the disciplines that support and help us appreciate them. We seek to become a go-to place for outstanding resources in these areas, especially for the home-school and classical Christian education movements.”

winter lamp post narnia
We want to be a light in the darkness!

We saw that, historically, the doctrinal restoration of the Reformation and the spiritual renewal of Revival were fostered by the cultural renewal of the Renaissance, whose ad fontes (“Back to the sources!”) tradition made the Reformation possible.  Luther himself credited the “rise and prosperity of languages and letters” as the “John the Baptists” that helped point the way to Christ.  That is why our purpose statement focuses first on the renaissance of Christian culture.  It has worth in itself, but it is also necessary for the larger health of both church and society.  Many people around us are praying for revival and some are working for reformation–but relatively few are concerned with a renaissance of Christian culture, and almost none that we know of pursue it intentionally as the necessary means to the other two forms of renewal and as inseparable from them.  (We must understand that Christian culture has to be pursued for its own value, and not as merely instrumental, or it is not being pursued at all.  At the same time, we must be aware that greater issues are also at stake in doing just that.)  So we are rushing into what seems to us a spot in the battle lines that is as weak as it is critical.

The larger rationale for our Christian philosophy of letters.

There are four ways we pursue this vision.  First, the blog, “While We’re Paused,” is an ongoing discussion about what Christian culture is, what it takes to foster it, what contributions are being made toward its renewal, and anything else that relates even tangentially to such things.  Second, the Ezine is the easiest venue for breaking into publication with stories, poems, or reviews.  Third, the books, our main products, do exactly what the vision calls for.  We hope the volume of poetry and the illustrated children’s book are the first steps in an ongoing march of renewed culture.  Inklings of Reality and Reflections from Plato’s Cave give a fuller explanation of the underlying philosophy behind letters and life.  Fourth, at Toccoa Falls College and Liberty University, writers’ and artists’ support groups modeled on the original Inklings of Oxford University in the middle of the twentieth century encourage and disciple future Christian writers and artists to pursue their calling as a Christian calling.

Stars Through the Clouds
A first step to cultural renewal?

If you believe in our vision and like our way of pursuing it, read the blog, order the products, recommend them to home schoolers and Christian educators, invite us as speakers, and help us get the word out!  You will be helping to bring about Renaissance, Reformation, and Revival.  Not a bad legacy, that.

Donald T. Williams, PhD


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