Random…laughter…doorways to Narnia

I have learned a few things in the last week.

  1. My legs bounce when I laugh
  2. Laughing while eating eggs is a very good way to choke
  3. My laugh apparently sounds just like a whooping crane
  4. A well placed pun, joke or awkward statement will not only make me laugh but can send me into a convulsing fit of laughter
  5. No matter how many times my friends have heard me snort…they still think its funny.

I know you are probably wondering why I am musing over laughter: we’re supposed to be musing about writing sort of things, but I promise you I have a point.  It was somewhere in the middle of that fit of laughter…timing and that well placed phrase or word.  These are the elements of comedy.

A haunted toilet has some many mysteries…

“Shall I put another puffin on the griddle for you” -The Decoy Bride (by the way, you have to say it in a very quaint Scottish accent) It’s much more funny that way.

And I am sure if my friends tried to stage an intervention for me and my problems, it would be something like this…

I fear that I have tried many wardrobes…and I will not give up.

But I digress, I was talking about humor, well actually about laughter…my laughter.  There are some things that just make me laugh, more specifically quotes that just strike me… funny.

Quick Niles kill five eels! – Frasier

Looks like somebody just lost the Elf vote – Andrew Peterson

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt in all this random and funny…

What are some of your favorite funny quotes?