Eating my way through Spain and other magical places

I could have eaten my way through Spain!

Melissa agreed, rather sheepishly.

But we didn’t.

We sure tried, though.

The food was just that good.  Every meal was a presentation of sensational delight, the aroma, the aesthetic arrangement and of course the favors.

There was not one meal or item of food that was not delicious from start to finish.  Half of the adventure was actually not knowing what we were eating.  It was a guessing game as we stared at the menus in Spanish and tried to remember what little Spanish we did or didn’t know.

Fortunately, there were some places that had an English translation below.  But, as we soon found out, the translations were a little off.  Prawns and wild garlic, were really prawns with wild mushrooms.  Though, I cannot complain; the dish was fabulous.

And sometimes there was no English translation at all. “Salchichon are salchinchon.”  Our waiter at one restaurant patiently said over and over.  Melissa and I stared helplessly at the waiter and gave each other quizzical glances.  Was there a way we could communicate to explain that salchichon meant nothing to either of us?  I fumbled with my travel guide book.  Finally someone from another table heard us laughing and pointing at the menu and the waiter trying desperately to understand.  He told us salchinchons are sausages. Sausages we understood and sausages are good.  So we ordered salchinchons much to the relief of our waiter.

But the food was not everything…it was partially the destinations and ambiance of the places that made the experience even better. Some times it was just a cafe in a plaza that caught our eye as a good place to eat.

Other times it was just a little shop that for some reason looks too inviting not to enter.

Sometimes the restaurant is down an ally and up a hill and were almost little holes in the wall…

And some places the views were just too stunning for words…

And then there were places that were just comfy and inviting. Sitting outside in a pleasant plaza watching the world go by while enjoying the pleasures of life: chocolate, sunshine, and good company…

There is magic in places like this.  The imagination doesn’t have to work so hard.  The atmosphere and the inhabitants of these places make for great world building.  These places can easily become haunts for characters in a story.  Their ambiance and flavor come to life through the pen, now that I have experienced them.  I have a taste of what makes a good pub great, a cozy cafe comforting, a noisy restaurant sociable, and a sweet little pasteleria so delectable.

You never know…something magical may actually happen…



5 thoughts on “Eating my way through Spain and other magical places

  1. beautifully rendered in both pictures and words–love the sentence that sums it up–I have a taste of what makes a good pub,….I have not travelled extensively, but feel I have a small window into Spain with your offering – thank you

    1. I am so glad you like my post! I always hope that my words will open windows into the worlds I have seen and the ones I want to write. 🙂

  2. This does such a great job of summing up our food adventures. Seeing them all put together like that really does make it look like we ate our way through Spain… We DID sightsee, people. We did!

    1. Yes we did! All you have to do is look at my other posts on Spain! And of course your blog about our travels! It is a good thing you posted those otherwise no one may actually believe us!

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