On the phone while trading sheep and trying to find prince charming…

Life is random.  Life with Stephanie Thompson…more random than usual!

So just sit back and let me share some anecdotes with you about my time with Stephanie…

This may come as a shock to you but that is a real phone and Stephanie is actually using it!

Stephanie does not like phones, which makes trying to get a hold of her exceedingly difficult.  She lost her phone for a whole month and did not even once try to find it.  If you have been reading the other little stories that we have been posting about Stephanie, you can understand that we all get very nervous when we haven’t heard from Stephanie in awhile.  And Jasper, Stephanie’s faithful furry friend, is not a very good “old yeller,” because not once has he come to the rescue when Stephanie was “caught in the well” (No, Stephanie, that is not a suggestion for something else you can do!)  Anyway, this picture is proof that Stephanie does know how to use a phone and can use a phone…if she so chooses and probably under duress.

Game night…always fun and always dangerous!  If you have ever

"A wooden sheep for an ore?"

played Settlers of Catan than you know how important it is to keep your sheep (ok…so hording sheep is something that I am known for). I am not sure of the literary value of such ventures with Settlers but I am sure the hours of laughter and the intense insanity that always comes about because of the game has helped many a muse….well maybe not my muse, but I think it has give fodder for Stephanie’s.

So what do you do when you are supposed to pick apples and you cannot?  Spend the day taking pictures pretending that you did, and don’t forget to kiss the scary looking manikin! Apple picking is always fun and it is more fun when there are no apples to actually pick off the trees.  You learn to find other things to amuse yourself with:

like bad grammar…

It hurts us!

Or pretending to pick apples…

And then they came out and yelled at us for "picking" apples
The sky...the trees...the little bug...the rocks...they do exist outside of books!

Or since you are a wealth-challenged graduate student and this is the first time you have seen the sky in mouths just enjoy the scenery…

And don’t forget the creepy man…

Um...I don't think he will turn into a prince if you kiss him...

Yeah…There are somethings that should never be tempted or tried.  It is safe to say that Stephanie has a knack for finding them and then daring herself to try them. If anything, we at least get good memories…funny pictures…and fodder for our muses.

And what did we learn from the story of Snow White? Don't eat the apple offered to you by a creepy old woman...and in this case definitely not from creepy manikins!

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt down the randomness of life lane with Stephanie!


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