What’s wrong with me…I don’t want to read?

I cannot think of anything to write or say today.  While all my co-conspirators at LHP are waxing poetically on War in Narnia, what to do about “romantic” stalkers, and food to write by, I am stuck.  Stuck, thinking of things that I’d like to say but not knowing how to say them.  This is not writer’s block.  This is something different.  This is Literary Burnout.

I get this about once a year and normally it hits just at the right time – the end of the school year.  After an entire year of thinking and reading intellectual books and writing papers on said books, I get completely drained.

Here are some signs of Literary Burnout:

  • Listlessness while reading your favorite book
  • You find yourself thinking about your papers and realizing that you forgot to mention something important…this will cause you tear up a bit
  • You have a million ideas to write but the thought of turning your computer on or even picking up a pen makes you shudder
  • You find yourself staring at your bookshelves with no desire to read any thing
  • You only want to sleep
  • No amount of coffee will entice you into productivity

For some of the more serious symptoms like staring at your bookshelf and not liking coffee, I recommend you get professional help right away, which would be going to talk to your favorite professor or going to a coffee shop with your favorite book and ordering your favorite drink, no matter how expensive it is.  (And if you don’t have a favorite book, you should check out Stars Through the Clouds.) This should cure you of some of your listlessness.

However, I still do not have immediate solutions for some of the other problems of Literary Burnout.  Time normally takes way the pain and weariness away, but by the time Time has solved the literary burnout, I don’t have time to write or read anymore. I suppose that is the academics/readers/writers eternal problem.

So good readers and writers and academics, I ask you for help.  I plead for guidance.  Save me from this listless madness of Literary Burnout: give me some solutions! (and then you won’t have to read terrible posts like this one)