A Graduate Student’s Prayer

As tomorrow is my thesis defense (prayers and burnt offerings would be greatly appreciated), I have nothing new to offer today.  Instead, I’m sharing a little prayer/poem that I wrote during my second semester of graduate school.  Sadly, this little poem is only partially in jest.  Writing it was cathartic, at least, as poetry often is.

Now I sit me down to write;
Looks like I’ll be up all night.
I’ve got to read this giant book
(Or fake it so that’s how it looks),
And then write a book review,
Pointing out which parts are true.
And so dear Savior, Lord of me,
Help these watering eyes to see
The thesis of this monograph —
Oh, intercede on my behalf!
Make my analysis astute,
Bless me with undeserved repute.
Help me analyze each source —
Oh, God, just let me pass this course!


Graduate school textbooks
Yes, these were all required textbooks - for one semester. You're actually supposed to read them, but I found building a tower to be an excellent use of my time.

3 thoughts on “A Graduate Student’s Prayer

  1. Heehee, I’ve prayed this prayer many a time… though I have not built too many towers out of my books. I could have lived in the castle made from my thesis books, I think… especially since they were all about the Celts and King Arthur.

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