The Dreaded Romance Novel

I had a conversation with some of my friends about the dreaded romance novel. (And if you want to know what one of them thinks or how she tries to write/avoid romance in general read her post). You know those novels . . . they have the covers with the hot guy who has more rippling pectorals than are humanly possible, or the scandalously clad couple in supposedly seductive posses, or the sweet looking Amish girl. I mean, really, what is it about the Amish that we find so romantic? They live in the 21st century and still drive buggies and wash their handmade clothes by hand . . . that is not really romantic.

Anyway, this conversation got me thinking, why are those novels so dreadful and yet so read? And the answer is . . . wish-fulfillment. These novels prey on, particularly for girls, our desires to be loved and wanted. I say prey because most of those novels are not going to leave you as a healthy whole person. They take your good desire to be loved and distort it and give false expectations and realizations.

Romance novels lie to us!

OK, that is not true for all romance novels. I know of a few…and I really do mean a few…that are wholesome, enjoyable, well written and are edifying. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any modern ones.

Like every girl, I fell in love with Jane Austin. But she only wrote six books…and I need more good wholesome romance literature. Where do I go? Who should I read? AVOID the books with the Amish girl on the cover! Read Georgette Heyer! She is funny, witty, knows how to write good characters, has interesting plots, and is not afraid to be intelligent! Yes that is right, romance novels can be fun, smart, and have unpredictable plots (well…as unpredictable as a romance novel can get).  So if you are tired of bad romance novels (and there are more bad ones than good ones) don’t loose heart…there are always the romantic comedy tv shows and movies!

And I know you have all been subjected to the Romantic Comedy, either because of a girl-friend, sister, mother, grandmother, or obnoxious aunt who makes you sit through Must Love Dogs. So for your viewing pleasure and most likely your sanity as well…